Our Process

Our fuel injection pump overhaul process includes five steps: cleaning and disassembly, inspection and evaluation, assembly, calibration, and pump dress and final assembly. We only use original and factory replacement parts and manufacturer-specified equipment in order to achieve original equipment calibration standards on every pump.

Process Step 1

Step 1: Cleaning and disassembly

  • As received pumps have typically spent decades under the hood
  • Soiled pumps undergo a solvent-based cleaning process
  • Secondary cleaning after disassembly
  • Fine-grade abrasive blasting returns pump exteriors to a brushed metallic finish

Step 2: Inspection and evaluation

  • Pump components are inspected for wear, damage, and even checked against known original matching-number pumps for anomalies
Process Step 1
Process Step 1

Step 3: Assembly

  • Each pump is assembled from original and factory replacement parts including soft components, gaskets, and seals; special attention is paid to tear and wear items including bearings, bushings, washers, spacers, and springs
  • Cylindrical and flat finely machined surfaces are inspected and reworked as necessary using standard resurfacing methods and tools
  • Manufacturer-specific tools, gauges, and fixtures are used to enable adherence to factory standards and specifications

Step 4: Calibration

  • Each pump is calibrated using an original Bosch factory calibration test bench and associated test injectors, injection lines, pump drive, dial indicators, and throttle protractor
  • The pump's pre-stroke setting, also known as lift-to- port closure (LPC), is checked on each pumping element; phase timing and fuel delivery amounts are equalized between cylinders according to firing order
  • Governor range checked and set for rack control and resulting fuel delivery in accordance with factory calibration specifications for different modes: starting, idle, partial load, and full load.
  • Fuel delivery dependence on throttle position is verified and fuel delivery amounts between pumping elements are equalized.
Process Step 1
Process Step 1

Step 5: Final assembly and pump dressing

  • Brackets and related accessories are fitted; caps, plugs and indicator paint are applied
  • Protective clear lacquer is applied as a finishing step

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