How do I order?

Please use the contact us link on each product page to inquire about that specific product. We will do our best to reply within 48 hours regarding product availability, your options, and the associated timeline and costs. Given the breadth of products we service, the most likely scenario is that we will overhaul the core you send us. We maintain inventory for certain products but cannot guarantee availability due to current demand. We look forward to providing quality support and service for your fuel injection pump needs.

What’s your core policy?

For pumps ordered from existing inventory without prior submission of a core, the core charge is applied at the time of purchase due to the increased scarcity of certain cores.

  • The core is the old unit, which is to be replaced by the new or rebuilt unit
  • All cores must be like for like and include all parts and pieces that were received on your replacement product (within reason)
  • All cores must be returned in rebuildable condition to receive full credit
  • No core credit will be issued for cores that have been in a fire, disassembled, or severely damaged or broken
  • Partial core credit may be issued for cores that are seized, have a cracked housing, contamination (water, biodiesel, waste vegetable oil, etc), or are missing parts or pieces.

How do I prepare my core for shipping?

To prepare your core for shipping:

  • Drain all fluids (oil, fuel, etc.)
  • Use plastic plugs, caps, or other plastic and tape items to minimize fluid leakage from pump during shipping
  • Wrap in sturdy plastic bag to prevent leakage and use appropriate internal cushioning when packaging in a double-walled cardboard box
  • Wet packages may result in damaged or denied packages
  • Complete the core return form and place inside the package. Core credits may be delayed or denied if this form is not present with the core return.
  • Please e-mail the tracking number and invoice number to

What’s your return policy?

Please contact us first prior to returning an item. We guarantee our pumps, but cannot guarantee their performance when installed improperly or when the rest of the vehicle’s systems are not properly maintained. If you are experiencing performance issues with your pump, please contact us to schedule a no-charge troubleshooting call up to 30 minutes.

What are my payment options?

We accept checks, cash, and Paypal at this time.

What shipping services do you use?

We ship orders via UPS ground unless requested otherwise.

Do you ship overseas?

We are happy to ship anywhere in the world, please contact us for details

Do you offer diagnostic and consulting services?

Available on a case-by- case basis: Please contact us with information regarding your vehicle's information, pump information (if available), the symptoms you are experiencing, and your availability and we will get back to you with additional questions and a proposal for services offered.

Contact Us

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