Sharing Our Passion for Mechanical Fuel Injection

This post goes out to all the car nuts, petrol heads, tinkerers, self-proclaimed experts, pragmatists, and enthusiasts: we get it. It’s not always rational, or practical, but it is love. Whether you’re driving that old diesel Mercedes-Benz pushing half a million miles, returning that classic SL to its former glory, or have a special project that only you can envision, we’ve been there. Nearly thirty years after opening our doors, Yankee Diesel is now joining you online with the same expertise, attention to detail, and service that we have always provided. Our new website features many of the Bosch fuel injection pumps we service, and please check out our blog or follow us on Facebook for unique stories, photos, and technical articles that celebrate and preserve the golden age of mechanical fuel injection.


Cars are more than just a mode of transportation; they are our engineering history, and to drive them is to celebrate our history.


The first automobile: Carl Benz's Motor-Wagen circa 1886

The first automobile, patented by Carl Benz as the Motor-Wagen, 1886

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